Amaya’s work blends swirling contours with wistful melodies and lush, sonic depth. Within this rich palette of sound resides Amaya’s uniquely captivating voice, restrained yet beautiful, with rich breathy tones offering touching moments of yearning and lament.

Since 2008, she has released three critically acclaimed albums including her 2008 debut Sugar Lights, Early Summer in 2010 (which was selected by Australia’s premier national youth radio broadcaster JJJ as their “Album of the Week” upon its release) and 2014’s Sway.

In addition to her recorded output, she is also a seasoned live performer. In addition to having undertaken several national tours in her home country, she has also played solo throughout venues in Germany and Spain and has been selected to support renowned acts such as Blonde Redhead and Mark Lanegan on their Australian dates.

Her forthcoming album, entitled Rituals, is her first international release and will be made available on March 2, 2018 on UK label Opposite Number and locally via Kasumuen Records. The album will also be supported by a UK/European tour with dates to be announced for May.

Rituals is a personal and intimate album dealing with themes of time, frustration, acceptance, loss and love. Musically, it is a richly complex and layered album that, while intricate and often dense, also contains moments of quiet transcendence and space.

The album marks a major progression in Amaya’s work and represents the perfect demonstration of her talent for her first international release.